Marek Szotkowski


Windsor, United Kingdom

I have been TDJ at milongas and other public events since 2001. I first gained experience while hosting my own milongas in Milwaukee, USA. After moving to Paris, France in 2006, the milonga and festival organisers quickly recognized my ability to create a great mood for dancing, and invited me to DJ at the popular milongas: “Le Chantier”, “Cabaret Tango”, “Retro”, “Les Temps du Tango”, “Bahia Blanca” among others. In 2009, I won the “Best DJ in Paris” award at Bahia Blanca and was also DJ at the 1st “Festival International De Tango Argentin” in Paris.

Currently, I DJ every month at our Teddington Milonga with Marek in Teddington. Since moving to the UK in 2009, I continue to be recognised for my style and I am often invited as guest DJ in London at milongas: “Carablanca”, “Pavadita”, “The Light”, “Tango South London”, and special events “Fire and Flame Ball”, and at milongas further afield: Oxford “Caminito”, Eton “Etonathon”, Maidenhead “Tango Secrets”, Marlborough “Midsummer Milonga”, Burley and Bramshaw.

About the music I play

During my extensive years of experience as DJ, I have collected a large number and selection of recordings. At the milongas, I play traditional tango music from the Golden Age - the 1920-50s period when tango music was composed and played for dancing. I love listening to tango music in my spare time, and I spend many hours thinking about how to arrange songs into tandas and how to make them enjoyable and interesting for the dancers.

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