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Weekend con el Maestro



14:00 Sat, 22 Oct 2016 (Europe/London)


21:30 Sun, 23 Oct 2016 (Europe/London)

Event Types

We are proud to present this special weekend with Andrés, dear friend and Maestro, a much loved and respected figure in Buenos Aires and worldwide, who has for over 25 years worked tirelessly to maintain the authentic Tango de Salón of his home city. Rarely exported, hardly ever seen outside of the barrios of BA, Tanguito upholds this purest form of social dance, the classic lineage of Villa Urquiza style, absorbed at source from the great milongueros in the traditional clubs; this is the style of Portalea, Finito, El Chino Perico, legendary dancers and the makers of the Tango we know today.
Andrés will be assisted throughout the weekend by Carole Bramley – Carole has been training with Tanguito for over 12 years, she has frequently taught classes with him, they have worked together in numerous international events and she has performed on the same bill in Buenos Aires, in leading milongas Club Sin Rumbo, Salón Canning, Sunderland and Porteño y Bailarin.
Classes will be taught in fluent English and are suitable for intermediate to advanced levels. Please ask for guidance regarding level and technical content.


Saturday 22nd October


14:00 - 15:30 Tango: Classic figures from the 1940s
15:45 - 17:15 Vals: Fluidity and musicality in the Villa Urquiza Style

Milonga La Milonga de Esquina Porteña: 20:00 - Midnight

Sunday 23rd October


15:00 - 16:30 Advanced Giros for the Ronda
16:45 - 18:15 Tango Ritmico – fun with timing and music in close embrace

Milonguita Practica Esquina Porteña: 18:30 - 21:30



Workshop £20 per session, bookings in advance
Milonga £10 in advance / £12 on the door
Practica £5 in advance / £6 on the door

Weekend passes

Saturday Pass £45 (2 workshops and milonga)
Sunday Pass £40 (2 workshops and practica)
Full Weekend Pass £80 (4 workshops, Saturday milonga, Sunday practica)

BOOK ONLINE following the LINK:

Contact us:


Esquina Portena: NEWS FLASH: to make Weekend con el Maestro even more exiting we have invited a special friend and a great Tango DJ: Paolino Fierro. Internationally renowned DJ and music expert, known to many of you for his fantastic contribution at Encuentro Tango Puro in Chatsworth, writer of great blogs and articles on history of Tango and its music, Paolino will be with us all the weekend and his music will make us dance on Saturday 22nd October at the Milonga de Esquina Porteña.
Can it get better than this? Yes, with your tango and your presence for a weekend of pure Tango!

5 years, 3 months ago

Esquina Portena: •••Who is Andrés Tanguito Cejas? •••
Andrés has over 26 years of experience, he is a highly respected milonguero. Together with his wife and partner Genoveva, has worked with some of the best known orchestras and dancers, among others there are the orchestra of the Maestro Mariano Mores, Sexteto Mayor, Berlinghieri-Baffa, Raúl Garello, José Colangelo, Sexteto sur and others. Amongst the dancers he worked with there are world’s best tango dancers such as Vanina Bilous, Roberto Herrera, Miguel Angel Zotto, Osvaldo Zotto, Lorena Ermocida, Gloria & Eduardo, Milena Plebs, Elina Roldan and others.
Andrés acknowledges as his first teacher the famous milonguero Pepito Avellaneda, then his tango grew under the influence of Gerardo Portalea, Finito, El Chino Perico and of course the great Osvaldo Zotto, his dearest friend. He constantly trains and studies with Maestros and colleagues to refine and grow his Tango.
With Osvaldo Zotto he recorded the now famous course "Así se baila el tango", for the channel "Solo Tango". His teaching curriculum is immense, together with Genoveva they have over 20years experience in teaching.
Andrés is a musician, a fine bandoneonist. His deep knowledge of the music, his artistic feel for the folklore, make him a unique Maestro and one of the most accomplished teachers in the wold.
Andrés to this day is the greatest of the tango salón masters, he is the only one who still keeps the style of the greatest Maestros. World Tango Campions and Metropolitan Tango Campions take classes with him.
So who is Andrés Tanguito Cejas? A Master, a legend, a dancer, a performer, a teacher, a musician.. all this in one word: TANGO, Andrés es el TANGO .. y NADA MAS!

5 years, 3 months ago

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