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Event Types

Arcade Milonga, every 1st Friday of the month.

The schedule is as follows:
19.30 - 20.15: tango technique open levels
20.15 - 21.00: Chacarera intro class
21.00 - 01:00: Arcade Milonga

Buenos Aires style Arcade Milonga is about embracing tango in all its beauty and diversity. Situated in the beautifully restored Victorian Stirling Arcade, which reminds of the streets of Buenos Aires, the Yoga Tree venue features a great floor and cosy atmosphere, and it is at 10 minutes walk from the Stirling Castle. We are a few minutes’ walk from the Stirling train and bus stations and on street parking is available in the proximity of the venue. Next to the tango venue, you will find the best pubs and restaurants that Stirling can offer to its visitors. Step into the tango world right in the centre of Stirling, but hidden in its inner Gallery!

Venue: entrance times to consider

After 20.00, you will need to enter the green gate from the side entrance next to the Ground House Coffee (40 King Street), keep on going to the end and the entrance to the Yoga Tree Studio will be on your right hand side.
This entry has been used as our late exit from our milongas. In case of any problems, text/call 07720 212 500 and we will meet you at the Ground House Coffee entrance (40 King Street, Stirling FK8 1AY). The Arcade Milonga entrance will be signposted all the way.

Tango Shoes:
Don't forget about our lovely new collection of Madam Pivot & Monsieur Pivot tango shoes, which will be available to view and purchase in our Pivot Pop-Up Boutique.

Ariel features Tanda Player

La Música y La Pista: Tanda Player
Analysed database across decades, styles, musical patterns, orchestras and singers. Visuals sorted: screen with current and next Tanda info, translated titles to English, artist information disclosed fully (orchestras and singers). Introducing the first Smart Pista Lights in the UK (rare in Europe). We'll play 1-2 tandas of Chacarera. Pop in anytime if you want to find out the logic behind it over a drink.

Tango Art Project: Tango & the local community
If you are interested in live drawing, sketching tango moves, or to test your photography skills, then this Friday is your chance. There are designated areas for artists at the Yoga Tree venue. Most times you will see the work in action of Catherine King (live sketching). Please contact us to book your place.

Tango Art project: Tanda Player, link https://tandaplayer.herokuapp.com/
Technical enquiries and purchase: davidgoddard9@gmail.com
Pop in any of our classes and social dance events and you can see it in action.

Tango games: ladies choice, playing cabeceo, and a few more. All games are optional.

Venue: The YogaTree
25B Stirling Arcade
Stirling FK8 1AX

Price: £8 (£6 Students)
Payments methods accepted, cash, bank transfer and Paypal. Online bookings at

Arcade Milonga dates 2018, Fridays:
2 March, 6 April, 4 May, 1 Jun, 6 July, 3 Aug, 7 Sept, 5 Oct, 2 Nov, 7 Dec

Facebook updates link:


19.30 - 20.15: tango technique open levels
20.15 - 21.00: Chacarera intro class
21.00 - 01:00: Arcade Milonga


£8 (6£ students)

Events in this series
There are no future events in this series.
19:30 Fri, 2 Mar 2018

Arcade Milonga
YogaTree-Stirling Arcade

19:30 Fri, 6 Apr 2018

Arcade Milonga
YogaTree-Stirling Arcade

19:30 Fri, 4 May 2018

Arcade Milonga
YogaTree-Stirling Arcade

19:30 Fri, 1 Jun 2018

Arcade Milonga
YogaTree-Stirling Arcade

19:30 Fri, 6 Jul 2018

Arcade Milonga
YogaTree-Stirling Arcade


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