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Welsh Tango Festive Extravaganza: International Tango Festival


Event Types

A fantastic opportunity to celebrate the start of the festive season with the Welsh Tango Community and join us in our first international tango festival.


Welcome and Introductions: 13:00-13:15
Workshop 1. 13:15-13:50 Barrida to Soltada taught by UTN. This workshop will look at using traditional techniques to lead baridas and exploring the technique to transition into a soltada.
Workshop 2: 14:00-14:50 Introduction to Milonguero style taught by Eduardo Bozzo. This workshop will introduce you to Milonguero style, a close-embrace style of social tango dancing in which was developed from and is appropriate to crowded dance floors.

Workshop 3: 15:00-15:50 TBC taught by Eduardo Bozzo

Workshop 4: 16:00-17:10 TBC taught by Nick Jones and Diana Cruz

Workshop 5: 17:20-18:30 Followers Sacadas taught by Nick Jones and Diana Cruz. This workshop will focus on giving followers the opportunity to do sacadas on the leader and teaching the followers to take opportunities to perform the sacada.

Break/Dinner/Practica 18:30-19:30

Milonga Ball: 19:00-midnight. The ball will feature two live sets from Cabaret Tango and DJing from UTN who will be playing an equal mixture of traditional, nuevo and alternative music with some festive cortinas so that everybody has something to dance to. There will also be a snack buffet provided.


Workshop 6: 13:00-13:50 Introduction to Blues taught by TBC. Blues dancing shares many similarities with tango and this workshop will teach you some of basics and draw your attention to the similarities and differences.

Workshop 7: 14:00-14:50 Fusion Taught by UTN. This workshop will look at the four ways to fusion dance styles together using the framework of Argentine Tango.

Workshop X: 13:00-15:00 Small Group Taught by Nick Jones and Diana Cruz. This workshop will be limited to just 6 couples who will have the teachers undivided attention.

Chillout Milonga Tea Dance: 15:00-18:00. To finish off the weekend a chance to dance and socialise to relaxing music. UTN will be play a range of chillout music include tango, blues, smooth modern jive plus much more.


Prices (Booking Essential, contact Urban Tango Nights on FB or email urbantangonights@gmail.com)
Full Pass 1 (Workshops 1-7 and 2 milongas) £80 or £150 per Couple
Full Pass 2 (Workshops 1-5 Plus Workshop X and 2 milongas) £130pp or £220 per Couple Only 6 Available
Workshop X Pass (Workshop X and Sunday Milonga) £60 pp or £100 per Couple, Only 6 Available
Full Saturday Pass (Workshops 1-5 and milonga ball) £70 pp or £130 per Couple
Saturday Pass 1 (Workshops 1-5) £60 pp or £100 per Couple
Saturday Pass 2 (Any two Workshops plus Ball) £50 pp or £90 per Couple
Full Sunday Pass (Workshops 6-7 and Milonga) £20
Sunday Pass 1 (Workshops 6-7) £15
Milonga Pass (both Milongas) £20
Ball Pass (Saturday Milonga) £15
Chillout Pass (Sunday Milonga) £10

Events in this series
There are no future events in this series.
16:00 Sat, 1 Dec 2018

Welsh Tango Festive Extravaganza: International Tango Festival
Room B, Fulton House, Swansea University


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