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Our PracTeaLongas are less formal than a full Milonga as folk are welcome to practise whatever they like, learn their floor-craft, ask others for help - give help if asked and generally support each other in our mutual quest to enjoy our tango, help you enjoy yours, and get better at it if we can.
So dancers of ALL abilities are very welcome and will not feel out of place. Ladies are welcome to ask leaders for a dance if they wish.
The music will be organised in Tandas with Cortinas between and will offer the odd challenge for the dancers; the Tandas may not abide strictly to the 'one orchestra per Tanda' scheme as our aim is to encourage your musicality and sense of enjoyment - no straight jackets!.
There will be food on hand and a sharing table for those who wish to contribute


From 3 til 7


£5 or £3 if you contribute to the sharing table

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