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Esquina Porteña Presents Milonguero Maestro 'El Pibe Sarandí'.


Event Types

For bookings follow the link:
https://forms.gle/YJxMjf5VnjmL1TwAA or contact us at esquina.portena.sheffield@gmail.com

We’re delighted to welcome back the incomparable Ricardo Maceiras, '“El Pibe Sarandí” to Sheffield. He grew up surrounded by the Tango culture of 1940s Buenos Aires, began learning Tango and dancing in milongas during the Golden Age, and knew personally many of the orchestras which we still love dancing to in milongas today. El Pibe brings with him unique insights into the original Tango of the streets, delivered to you with his characteristic humour and irreverence, not to mention over 65 years experience of the authentic social dance. Whatever your preferences in Tango, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Friday 4th October
8pm – 11.30pm Guided Práctica with El Pibe Sarandí with a focus on milonga. The guided part of the práctica will start around 9pm, giving you plenty of time to warm up beforehand. Suitable for improver level and above.

Saturday 5th October
2.45pm – 4.15 pm Workshop 1: Figures of the Old Milongueros. This workshop offers a unique insight into how Tango as it would have been danced in the Golden Age by El Pibe and his contemporaries.
Suitable for all levels except absolute beginners

4.30 pm – 6 pm Workshop 2: Musicality focussing on the music of Troilo with Fiorentino.
As one of the 'Big Four' most influencial and important orchestras in Tango, the music of Troilo is a staple feature of any milonga. In this workshop we focus on the music he produced with his most popular singer, Francisco Fiorentino and how to express the musicality of this music within your dance.
Suitable for improver level and above.

8pm – Midnight Milonga Esquina Porteña
At our milonga we strive to recreate the feel of a traditional Buenos Aires milonga. To this end, we play 100% traditional Tango music organised in tandas TTVTTM with cortinas and encourage observance of the etiquette of the ronda as well as the traditional códigos. We will also have a Tanda display (technology permitting) so you can see the current and up coming Tanda. There is plently of seating available. However, if you wish to book a place at a table please contact us in advance.
Sunday 6th October 2019
Private lessons are available by request. Please contact us if you are interested.

Please note: Workshop places must be booked in advance but payment can be made on the day. There is no need to book for either the practica or milonga unless you are wishing to take advantage of one of the packages on offer

Guided Práctica: £10
Workshops: £18 each
Milonga £10

Práctica + Milonga:£18
2 workshops + Milonga: £40
2 workshops: £32

1 workshop + milonga: £25
You can add a place on the práctica to any of these packages for an additional £8

We offer 10% discount on bookings from couples which will also be extended to all other bookings made before 5th September.

If you have a completed reward card you can use this to gain an additional £5 discount to the practica or milonga for this event. Simply present this to as at the door when you pay.

Reward Card Discount Scheme: We offer a reward card discount scheme. Each time you attend an event we issue reward points. Once you have filled your card with points you can use this to gain discounted entry to a future milonga or practica. If you don't yet have a reward card, we will issue you with one when you attend.

Contact us: esquina.portena.sheffield@gmail.com


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14:30 Sat, 5 Oct 2019

Esquina Porteña Presents Milonguero Maestro 'El Pibe Sarandí'.
St Andrew's Hall 19 St Andrew's Road Sheffield - S11 9AL


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