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Milonga Esquina Porteña



17:00 Sat, 27 Nov 2021 (Europe/London)


21:00 Sat, 27 Nov 2021 (Europe/London)

Event Types

As ever, we aim to bring you the warm and friendly atmosphere of a traditional BsAs neighbourhood milonga, and to keep you inspired by playing the best traditional tango music, mainly from the Golden Age, organised in tandas with cortinas (TTVTTM) . We will also aim to have a tanda display (technology permitting!)

COVID SAFETY MEASURES AND ENTRANCE POLICY ARE IN PLACE. Essentially, we will want to see evidence of negative LFT taken WITHIN 24 HOURS of the event and, ideally, evidence of double vaccination/natural immunity before granting entry to our event. (full details of entry policy and covid safe measures can be found on our Facebook event page).
PLEASE NOTE that attendance is at your own risk and that Esquina Porteña Tango and it's hosts accept no responsibility for anyone contracting Covid as a result of attending our event.

At our milonga we ask that people show respect to others by observing the traditional códigos (in particular the use of mirada/cabaceo) and also by adhering to the etiquette of the ronda.

We will serve pizza at around 7pm. Vegan and Gluten free options are available. If you prefer to bring your own food that's fine with us. Other light refreshments (tea, coffee and fruit juice) will be freely available. Feel free to BYOB. Wine glasses are available in the kitchen.

Parking is available on St Andrews Road and adjacent streets.

Please note the earlier start and finish time than we have had in the past. This is due to the need to comply with new rules and regulations in place at the venue.

In these uncertain times BOOKING IS ADVISABLE as this will enable us to contact you directly in case of any last minute changes, and monitor likely numbers so that we can plan accordingly. Please use the booking form.
Please note that there is no need to pay in advance and you can cancel your booking anytime before the event if you change your mind if you change your mind by contacting us.

NOTE TO OTHER ORGANISERS: We are more than happy for you to bring flyers and to promote your tango events at our milonga so long as you check with us first that these don’t clash with any of our own events.

The DJ for the evening is resident DJ Saretta

Entry price is £10 on the door.


Milonga 5pm - 9pm


£10 on the door

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Milonga Esquina Porteña
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Milonga Esquina Porteña
St Andrew's Hall 19 St Andrew's Road Sheffield - S11 9AL


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