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We will be learning about pivoting action, forward and back rotations, and torsions – how to distinguish between them, when to use them and how to execute them.

This is the course that makes all the difference in the world in your understanding of all the tango moves. Rotations, pivoting, spiral, isolation, decoupling, and delay in the movement are all the topics that even the most advanced dancers work on and struggle with all the time.

Take the time now to understand them to save yourself hours and hours of trouble later. Welcome to the secret world of Tango. The doors are ajar.

You will learn:

Cross versus ocho – what’s the difference
Forward and back crosses and ochos
Opposition and spiral movement
Pivot and axis of pivot
Difference between contra body movement and spiral
Simultaneous ochos
Isolating Lead from Follow
Ocho cortado

Welcome to the secret world of Tango.

The pre-intermediate level presents essential details and elements that are often considered 'common sense.'
Things that seem obvious to Advance dancers but took years for them to master, secrets that you are supposed to know or somehow figure out on your own are what you will learn in our pre-intermediate courses.

Use Code MAYTANGO if you’re registering as a couple
(you will be required to indicate the name of your partner)

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$120 for 4 90-min sessions

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