Back and front boleos - how to lead them for real | Pre-Advanced Argentine Tango | 4 classes


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Boleo is activated by reversing a pivot causing the dancer’s leg to swing out and return, similar to a whipping motion. The Axis of the Follower is extremely important. Since one leg is flying, the standing one shall be firmly on the ground with no balance issues.

Depending on musical interpretation and the specific effect we wish to achieve, the accent of the boleo, its culmination, can come on the beat or off the beat. Each lead has its own characteristics - directional boleo or contra boleo.

Boleo derives from the Spanish verb BOLEAR, to throw. It comes from the tool called LARIAT that gauchos used to capture the animals. It is a set of 3 various lengths of ropes weighted at the free end and tied together. Thrown sideways, it wraps around the target, capturing it.
Since the pronunciation of B and V in Spanish is very similar sometimes, you can see the name of the figure written as Voleo. Voleo comes from the Spanish verb VOLEAR to volley, punch, or strike, especially with a racquet, paddle, or open hand, as in volleyball.

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