Focus on cross-system | Pre-Intermediate Course - 4 classes



13:00 Sun, 23 Apr 2023 (US/Eastern)


14:30 Sun, 23 Apr 2023 (US/Eastern)

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Deciphering parallel and cross-system

A parallel system is when a partner’s left leg works in front of your right, and your partner’s right leg walks in front of your left. Cross-system allows the right leg to walk with the partner’s right leg and the left leg with the partner’s left leg. Everything is possible in tango!

The little twist of cross-system introduces an infinite amount of possibilities as a spatial relationship between partners is changed and modified by adding or suspending just one step.

Just walking in a parallel system gives 4-8 possibilities. Adding a cross-system generates an additional 4-8.

We will be deciphering parallel and cross-system. When and how does the system change, and what are the consequences. How to smoothly transition from one to the other. What figures become possible once the cross-system opens up for us.

By mastering cross-system, you are opening the door to never-ending possibilities. No other dance uses cross-system, opposition, and circular lead to that extent.

Welcome to the secret world of Tango


4 (except on April 9, 2023)


6 hours @ $120.00


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