Organisation Calendar

Tango Timetable provides the ability to view a calendar with only the events from a particular organisation on it. This is ideal for discovering all the events that have been arranged by a particular organisation; no matter where the events are.

It is also a great resource for organisations to link to from their website if they'd like to have an up to date, browsable resource of their events and not have the trouble of updating the HTML of their own site.

A further alternative is the embeddable organisation calendars which provide the best of both worlds with a up to date, browsable calendar directly placed in the organisation's web page.

Find the Calendar

To access the organisation's calendar:

  1. Navigate to the organisation's page.
  2. Click on the calendar link in the top right.








Welcome to Tango Timetable!

Tango Timetable is dedicated to helping members of the Tango community discover and organise events.

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For Dancers

Our calendar provides a local view of events anywhere in the world powered by location based searching. So if you want to find out about events in your area or the next place you are travelling to, go have a look!

For Organisers

Tango Timetable allows you to register your organisation and manage your events for free. Build your community by sharing your events for Tango dancers everywhere to find and enjoy.

Look ahead to see upcoming events in the community and plan the perfect timing for your events to maximise attendance.

For Everyone

Feel free to check out the events on the calendar above and, if you'd like to contribute to the community or organise your own events, Sign Up for free.