Using the Calendar

The Tango Timetable calendar is the focus point for finding dance events that you might be interested in.

Rather than showing all the registered events on the site, the calendar filters the events by location and by event type. This allows you to get a much clearer view of the events that you might want to attend.

The following page goes through the different ways in which you can filter the calendar view.

Filter by Location

This is a key part of the calendar experience and an important one to bear in mind. Filtering by location allows you to focus your search for events on a particular area.

The filter controls are at the bottom right of the calendar:

Filter by location panel

The filtering works by specifying two details: the distance and the location. If you specify 10 miles for the distance, then the calendar will show you any events that are within 10 miles of the location that you have specified.

It makes sense to base the location on where you live, but if you are going on a trip then you can also focus the calendar on your destination to look for events that you might be able to attend on your travels.

The distance determines how far from your location to look, so you can easily search for events that you will be able to reach.

Filter by Event Type

In order to find the kind of event that you are interested in, you can use the Filter by Event Type controls.

The event type filter controls are at the bottom left of the calendar:

Filter by event type panel

Tango Timetable events can be of many different types, for example: classes or milongas or larger events like festivals or marathons. If you want to find a class to attend then you can uncheck the boxes for the other event types and you will be left seeing only the classes that match your location filter.

The events on the calendar are also colour coordinated by their types so you can leave more than one event type checked and still tell the difference between the various events.

Events can have more than one event type, for example, an evening Tango event might start with classes and end with a milonga. In this case the event should be labelled with both types and it will display on the calendar as long as you have either the class or milonga option ticketed.








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