Add Events to a Series

Tango Timetable works with the concepts of series & events. A series is made up of one or more events. When you create a series you state how many events you would like to have in it, but often you want to add more events to a series as time goes by.

It can be tempting to create another series with the additional events but it is easier and clearer for visitors if you add the new events to the old series.

This makes sense for long running series. If you have defined sets of events, like a 10 week course of lessons, then it makes sense for each set of 10 events to be a separate series if you prefer.

How to Add Events to a Series

  1. Navigate to the Series page for the series you are interested in. You can do this from your organisation's page or from the Event page of an event in the series.
  2. Click on the edit link in the top right below the series title.
  3. Select Add Events from the edit menu that appears.
  4. Enter the details of the event, including whether or not to repeat it, and click Add Event.








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