Events Overview

Events Overview

The main focus of Tango Timetable is managing Tango events. On the website, every event is managed as two parts: the series and the event.


Every event is part of a series. This applies to single events and repeating events. This is most useful for repeating events as the series allows you to view the relationship between the events in the series.

Setting information on the series means that it is shared by all the events in that series. This makes it easier to administer a run of events as you can make one change and have it apply to all the events instead of having to edit each event in turn.

At the series level you can set the following information:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Organisation
  • Event Types
  • Venue


Each event in a series contains the details of the timing of that specific event.

By default the event shares the name and venue of the series but you can override these settings for each event if there is a change in venue or a special event.

At the event level you can set the following information:

  • Start Date & Time
  • End Date & Time
  • Time Zone
  • Additional Description
  • Name (override)
  • Venue (override)








Welcome to Tango Timetable!

Tango Timetable is dedicated to helping members of the Tango community discover and organise events.

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