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El Quinto


susan morgan
United Kingdom

El Quinto


The dates for 2016 are as follows:

SUNDAYS 2pm - 7pm

January 31st DJ Ricardo Peixoto
April 3rd Special Theo 'El Greco' Chatzipetros
May1st DJ Solveig Jansen
July 31st DJ Ricardo Peixoto
October 30th Nick 'El Oso' King

Entrance £8 depending on event schedule

El Quinto was originally created to fill the gap between regional milongas. We hope to create an event where people of the region can come together for social dancing, relaxation and enjoyment of an evening of traditional tango. Guest DJ's will be invited to each of the events in order to bring to you the orchestras that we most love. El Quinto is a traditional milonga and invites DJ's who share the love of traditional tango music. We only invite DJ's we have listened and danced to.

El Quinto has become a popular and busy milonga, below are a few house keeping rules:-
Tango etiquette in the form of mirada/cabaceo is encouraged as is respectful floor craft. If you are new to tango or struggle to dance in small spaces please practice and feel confident before you join the floor. It is also a good idea that before joining a busy floor catch the eye of the couple already dancing before joining in. Feel free to enjoy the dance space and thank you for helping to create a beautiful ronda ;)

Dress code: Smart/Elegant

The hall itself as recently been beautifully refurbished and boasts a 60ft x 30ft wooden dance floor. The vaulted ceiling creates a grand effect with elegant chandeliers.
There will be a fully stocked bar and nibbles will be made available. Car parking is free and adjacent to the venue on Bridge Street. The entrance to Springfield Hall is found on Station Road.

The venue itself is a 3 minute drive off Junction 25 of the M1

Springfield Hall
18 Grasmere Street (Back entrance, please use the front on Station Road)
NG10 5BD

Policy on Photography:

We would ask that all photographers respect the rights of individuals to privacy and only take photos with their expressed consent.

Photographers are welcome to take photographs of the performances at El Quinto

We would ask that photographers do not publish photographs of individual guests or couples without first gaining their consent.

Thank you all our aim is to create an intimate space for all to enjoy

Upcoming Events

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