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The idea: it was created to cover the need for dance and communication. Not just any dance - the Argentine tango. The idea germinated in 2011 and focused on expressing the aspects about this improvisational dance in a different way. An idea stemming from the inner need for creativity and development, entertainment and desire, communication and pleasure. An idea instigated by genuineness, quality and dialogue.

An idea that has developed into a way of life. It is the Argentine tango that is becoming a way of life and an important part of daily routine. We put aside the problems and stress upon joy that we all need. We clear our heads and fill our hearts with emotions, taking always into account the uniqueness of the word “respect”. Respect for one’s personality, respect for music, dance, history and mainly for the embrace. To have this contact, to penetrate in one’s private world that all of us struggle to protect just because we are afraid to trust the others. When we tango, we show trust, open our hearts, open our minds, we put our heart and soul in it.
This idea transmuted into a living organism. A heart beating stronger and stronger. The heart of RodosTango.
RodosTango is a meeting point and communication landmark for people who love the Argentine tango in Rhodes and elsewhere. Its aim is to contribute to the development and evolution of this dance fostering activities that release the dance from formalities and specific forms. It urges people to keep in contact and to consider that embracing other people makes spirit travel to the realms of magic. Like Tango magic. The magic lies in the contact of the two bodies at the level of the heart... the core of the emotional energy. Three minutes of devotion and absolute attention, a silent conversation between the two partners as the bandoneon plays. It is an embrace, it is music, it is dance, it is communication, it is the excuse to meet... Tango is there and waits for you... Ask for it...

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