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Viva Tango, Tango academy, tango events, choreography and performance.
Director is Ali Hartland. Performer, dance teacher and choreographer, specialist in Tango Argentino for over twenty years, taught and performed in Buenos Aires, Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Germany, Portugal, France and the UK.
In 1991 founded ‘El Cafetín Porteño’ in London which hosted many renowned Milongueros and tango artists including Miguel Zotto & Milena Plebs plus the Tango Por Dos Company; Carlos Gavito; Pupy Castello; Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa; Nito & Elba Garcia; Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida.
In 1994 moved to South America and studied Tango intensively for several years with late great maestro Ernesto ‘Pupy’ Castello. She performed in prestigious Milongas (such as ‘Almagro’) in Buenos Aires with him. On her return to Europe she hosted and assisted ‘Pupy’ as teacher and performer in London and Paris.
In 1997 Ali danced in Alan Parker's film of 'Evita' which starred Madonna.
In Buenos Aires Ali received the 'Maestro de Milongueros' award for her contribution to the diffusion of Tango in Europe.
Demonstrated with Osvaldo Zotto in classes and performed with him during his extended visit to London
In 2001 she again studied intensively in Buenos Aires with maestros Nito & Elba Garcia.
Ali continued working as a freelance teacher in the UK and Europe and also organised and ran dance holidays in Buenos Aires and Portugal.
Now based in the UK Ali Hartland is a freelance Tango artist and teacher and runs Viva Tango.


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